Monday, October 27, 2008

Sites Back Up - And An Explanation

Hey folks
I believe the issue has been resolved. They are still looking into the exact cause, but there was a problem with another account on the shared hosting server that BWD hosted accounts are on. Here is the reply from tech support:
I think someone's site was hacked, and they keep doing something to overload the server. I'm trying to narrow which site is causing the problem...

Not completely reassuring, but other responses were more assuring, that our sites should not go down again at this time.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Let me know if you are still experiencing difficulties.
Greg Campbell

Sites Back Down?

Apparently, the websites are back down. Email seems to be functioning properly, but the websites are not coming up. Will continue to follow this issue until it is satisfactorily resolved. Stay tuned...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Account Access Restored

The master hosting account was rebooted and is now active. I am still trying to find out what exactly happened, but as of 11:30pm ET, site and email access has been restored. Please contact me if there are any issues. You can use my main email or use the alternate email address listed in the sidebar of this page.

Thanks for your business.
Have a great week!
Greg Campbell


It has come to my attention that my hosting account (and all those belonging to BWD clients) are "missing". I'm really not sure what has happened. The domains are just resolving to nowhere. I don't know how that could happen. I have an emergency tech support ticket into the hosting company with the time stamp 10:17pm ET.

Will keep this site updated with any developments.

Sorry for the inconvenience.