Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Service Restored

Web hosting and email are once again operational. Will post any details I can regarding downtime here at this post.

Greg Campbell

(from the hosting provider)
One server experienced 45 minutes of downtime today, while the other server was down approximately 30 minutes. The second server is functioning perfectly and was involved by mistake. The first server may have a problem with one of its drives, as it was exhibiting an audible alarm. After reboot, however, all seems to be fine. If additional downtime is required for this server, every effort will be made to conduct hardware upgrades during a period of low traffic (3:30am to 4:00am, New York Time).

BWD Hosting Down: 4:14pm ET 23 Jun

BWD-Graphics.com website and e-mail are currently down, as is the website of the hosting company that provides our hosting space. Will continue to monitor and update here as information becomes available and/or service is restored. Leave questions here or use the alternate email address provided in the sidebar.

Greg Campbell, BWD