Monday, February 6, 2017

Google Search Console - Update Wordpress Email --- DISREGARD

Today I received three emails as an administrator for Wordpress accounts hosted on the BWD VPS server. One was my own account ( but another belongs to a client (

The reason for the post is that there were three. It appears to be a phishing scam of some kind. The emails appear to come from Google Search Console, and claim to recommend an update of Wordpress software, with a URL to one of your site's pages. But all the links in the emails are using a /appserve/ directory from Google, which is suspicious. Add to that two of the three sites NOT currently having any required updates available... AND the code referenced in the email does not match any found at or via Google...

And we have a scam.

Here's a screen shot of one of the messages.


  • To my knowledge, Google doesn't send these messages - or anything like it. So disregard anything you get like this "from" Google.
  • For many of you, I monitor and update all Wordpress software weekly. So even if your software is out of date, it won't be for long.
    • Also important in that point: I'll handle it for you.

So if you got a message like this, delete and move on!