Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trouble With AOL Email

Several BWD clients have expressed concern regarding emails sent to or received from AOL users in the past week or two. AOL has changed their mail processing structure so that email generated by BWD clients is being rejected and also not delivered to any domains with BWD hosted IP addresses. This is a poorly planned attempt by AOL to manage and filter SPAM, which has resulted in a frustrating incapacitation of legitimate email traffic.

The hosting company that we use has and is taking measures to remedy this by purchasing new IP addresses that will be assigned to the accounts of anyone who is affected by this issue. If you are unable to send to or receive from people using email addresses, please let me know and we'll get your domain on these new IP addresses which should resolve the issue.

Sorry for the trouble. AOL is often on the wrong side of these frustrating issues. Thanks for your patience.

Greg Campbell