Monday, October 27, 2008

Sites Back Up - And An Explanation

Hey folks
I believe the issue has been resolved. They are still looking into the exact cause, but there was a problem with another account on the shared hosting server that BWD hosted accounts are on. Here is the reply from tech support:
I think someone's site was hacked, and they keep doing something to overload the server. I'm trying to narrow which site is causing the problem...

Not completely reassuring, but other responses were more assuring, that our sites should not go down again at this time.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Let me know if you are still experiencing difficulties.
Greg Campbell

Sites Back Down?

Apparently, the websites are back down. Email seems to be functioning properly, but the websites are not coming up. Will continue to follow this issue until it is satisfactorily resolved. Stay tuned...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Account Access Restored

The master hosting account was rebooted and is now active. I am still trying to find out what exactly happened, but as of 11:30pm ET, site and email access has been restored. Please contact me if there are any issues. You can use my main email or use the alternate email address listed in the sidebar of this page.

Thanks for your business.
Have a great week!
Greg Campbell


It has come to my attention that my hosting account (and all those belonging to BWD clients) are "missing". I'm really not sure what has happened. The domains are just resolving to nowhere. I don't know how that could happen. I have an emergency tech support ticket into the hosting company with the time stamp 10:17pm ET.

Will keep this site updated with any developments.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, July 28, 2008

FTP Access Restored

And the ordeal has finally come to a close. At 8:20pm EST Jul 28 I checked back in with the FTP servers, and voila! I was in! For obvious reasons, that made me smile.

So sorry for the lost time today, especially those of you who waited all day (myself included!) to have FTP access to your sites. (This affects things like regular site updates, updates with Contribute, Blogger publishing, file sharing, etc.) It has been restored, and all normal functionality is now available.

If you have any concerns about lost email, or are still having trouble logging in, let me know and I'll help you out as soon as possible.

Thanks for your business, and I hope to not be updating this site anytime soon. But, as the header says, if there is an outage and you can not access email, please do check this page. If I am aware of it, I will post known issues here. My contact info is in the column to the left, including alternate email.

FTP Status

The FTP issues remain unresolved. The host has attempted to reboot the server, which could resolve the FTP login issues, but thus far the server continues to reject account usernames and passwords. I will continue to monitor the situation and post the resolution here, as well as be sending out an email to all once all has been restored.

Lost Email: Follow-up #2

Just heard from the hosting company, here's what they said:
Usually if it isn't delivered for some reason, the sending mail server will keep trying every few hours, so it should eventually come in, but I can't say for sure.

I have been getting old email coming through sporadically, so I think that all the mail probably will be eventually delivered, but wouldn't be a bad idea if you really think you missed something to ask people to send again anything sent between 12:00am EST and 10:30am EST.

Lost Email: Follow-up

I am slowly getting the test emails I sent to my email while access was down.  That is a good sign for potentially lost email, but I have not gotten any emails from other people between 12am EST Jul 28 and 10:26am EST Jul 28.

The ticket I submitted requesting information on any lost email has not yet been updated.  Will update here as soon as I have an answer to that.

cPanel: File Manager, AWStats, etc

It seems that cPanel has been fully restored as of 12:42pm.  I still do not have FTP access to accounts, but did successfully upload an image file using File Manager in cPanel.  I am also able to login to all accounts using cPanel, and it is functioning normally, which it was not previously doing.

There was a question about not being able to access the site stats, and this botched software update was definitely the reason.  The stats run in cPanel, and should now be fully restored.  Email me if you're still having trouble with that.

Lost Email

There has been some question re: lost email.  My email stopped coming in around midnight, and then resumed when they restored access at 10:30am (ish).  There is an obvious gap, but when I sent a test message to myself, I did not get an automated bounce reply, so I am assuming the message went somewhere.  I will be tracking down that answer as well (if the email from midnight till 10:30 on Jul 28 is lost, or just misplaced) and will post that here.

Thanks again for your patience, and please resume normal email use.

Email: Outgoing Servers Now Working

It appears the outgoing mail servers are now functioning properly.  You should be able to send and receive email on your BWD-hosted accounts.  (11:38am)

Email: Further Details

One thing to add, I am able to receive mail, but not send on the mail servers.  My Mail app lets me pick a different outgoing server, so I am able to send mail via my ISP's mail server.  If you're able to make that modification, you should be able to use your BWD-hosted email account.

I still do not have FTP access to any accounts.

More to come...

E-Mail and CPanel down

Hi all
This morning I noticed my email was not working, and then it has been brought to my attention that all of my clients hosted through BWD (aside from Premium package hosted clients) are experiencing the same trouble.  No email access (not accepting passwords) and no FTP access to accounts.  (cPanel access has been restored, but modifying files on the site has not.)

The hosting company is working feverishly to correct these issues.  I was told they stem from a common software update to cPanel, that obviously went awry.  I have seen progress - as I'm sure have you - but full functionality has not been restored as of 11:14am today.

I can receive some email, and can send using a different mail server, but again, full access has not been restored.

Will keep you updated here, and will use this for future account-wide outages.  Please bookmark this site.

Thanks for your patience, we are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.