Friday, October 2, 2009

Data Center Outage Affected Some BWD Hosting Accounts

There was a fairly lengthy downtime yesterday for some BWD hosting accounts, which I was made aware of. I checked with the company that hosts the affected accounts, and sure enough there was a major problem yesterday. Very sorry for the loss of service yesterday. All seems to be mostly back in order. Let me know if you are having any more problems (website/email down).

Here's the notification they released.

Data Center Outage October 1, 2009.
Yesterday, October 1, 2009, we experienced an outage at one of our datacenters. Customers that were housed in that datacenter experienced total connectivity loss for a significant portion of the day.

The outage was caused by a failure of one of our core routers, which caused an overload in our network connections. Due to this overload, we experienced a series of secondary issues that caused connections to our servers to drop.

At this time, we have brought the network traffic back to a nominal state and expect to have 99 percent of our customers up and running with all services running normally. However, we do expect to have a small degradation of services while we continue to make adjustments to our Network. These services may include, CGI, FTP, Mail, or MySQL.

In addition, we are in the process of making improvements to our Network Topology to ensure that we don't experience this type of failure in the future. This will require us to schedule a Maintenance window of down time, so that we can implement the changes. We will schedule this downtime at some point next week, and we will schedule it at a point in time with the least amount of network traffic, to minimize the effects to you.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

- 10/02/09 at 14:27 ET