Friday, August 2, 2013

ALL SITES DOWN - Hosting Server Company change IMMINENT

To all BWD clients—

ALL SERVERS/ACCOUNTS are temporarily offline.
I am not sure when this will be resolved. I will do everything I can to expedite the recovery of your sites and email.

Unfortunately, the hosting company I have used since 2010 was sold last year to an awful, horrible (greedy, unscrupulous) internet mega-company (Endurance Int. Group - the same company that owns iPower, whom I last left because of similarly shoddy service/support)

Since then their service and customer support has plummeted. It is beyond frustrating to me, and I am certainly aware that the same is (likely) true for you. I am very sorry for this inconvenience. I was hoping to ride it out a bit longer with the current company, but as I am aware of the business practices and philosophy of their parent company, I am certain now that it will NOT improve.

Please stay tuned to this page, and your email. I will be in touch soon about the transition to a new host. As much as is possible, it will be a transparent, seamless transition for you. (You won't notice it, if all goes perfectly.)

Thank you for your continued business.
Let's hope the next server company does not sell out to the same sort of mega-business that does not care about service and customer support.

Greg Campbell

UPDATE: All sites are now back online. The migration to a new hosting company will happen today, if possible.

NEW UPDATE: All sites are back offline, and have only intermittently been online today. I am in the process of moving everything to a new hosting company. That should be completed by Monday morning, August 5th.