Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hosting Server Move Information

For those of you whose accounts I have moved to the new hosting service, here are some important links for you during the transition time.

All your settings will remain the same (I even tried to get most of your passwords copied correctly, after you sent them to me). You can login and correct any errors using the information below (login to the new server). But your mail server settings will remain:

incoming/outgoing mailservers: mail.[yourdomain]
username: your full email address
pw: your password

[NOTE: Some ISPs require that you use their mail server to send mail. If you have trouble sending, check with your ISP to see if this is the case. Also, you may need to set the outgoing port to 26, rather than the default 25. I found this to be the case with one account, but no others so far.]

cPanel (settings like email accounts and passwords, redirects, databases, etc):

cPanel (to check/retrieve any old settings not correctly transferred, email, auto-responders, databases, etc):

Webmail (to retrieve any mail incorrectly directed to the old servers, which can sometimes happen during the name server change):

Your cPanel login should be the same as it was before. And to check mail on the old server, just use your email address(es) and the associated passwords. If you need me to send your login information to you, just send me an email to the address in the left sidebar here.

IMPORTANT: Accounts will be on the old server only until July 31st. They will be deleted shortly after that.

Very sorry for all the issues over this past month. I am hopeful that there won't be anything like this ... ever again! :-)

Thanks for your business.
Greg Campbell
Basic Web Design & Graphics

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