Thursday, April 2, 2020

The primary BWD server is being upgraded! This will involve a complete data migration to the new server, which will require downtime - up to three hours of downtime, actually. The migration is currently scheduled for 1:00am EDT Saturday, April 4th. This time should allow for the least disruption for everyone on this server.

Nothing will be changing for your account (logins, settings, etc) but the hardware will be improved. Here's what the hosting company said about the migration:

Why are we doing this?

The upgrade offers many benefits such as safer and more secure environments, increased stability and overall better quality of service. 

What will happen during your VPS server migration?

During the migration, your VPS server will need to be offline while we migrate your disk storage data. This means your website(s) will not be available. The migration will not require a change in your IP address or server name. No data will be lost in the migration.

If you experience any issues following the migration, please let me know and I'll address them as soon as possible.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience of website and email downtime, but the service improvement will be worth that inconvenience going forward.

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